The Cost of Compromise: 11 Things You Do To Make Storage Run Faster

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  1. Over-provisioning (more is not necessarily better)
  2. Short-stroking (try and keep a straight face)
  3. IO Scheduling (there is no app for this)
  4. Caching (what’s the penalty for a “cache miss”?)
  5. Automatic Tiering (who gets to decide?)
  6. Manually Distributing IO (the only manual thing we like is on a Ferrari)
  7. Over-Indexing (thereissuch a thing as “index trickery”)
  8. Summary Tables (who needs summary tables in a world of real-time analysis?)
  9. Foregoing Real-time Data (See #8)
  10. RAID (how many different combinations are there?)
  11. Coping (ice cream always helps)

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