My summary for the paper “Unified Language Model Pre-training for Natural Language Understanding and Generation”

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For NLU (Natural Language Understanding), we use the bidirectional language model (like BERT), but for NLG(Natural Language Generation), the left-to-right unidirectional language model (like GPT) is the only choice.

Could we accomplish these two tasks by using one unified language model?

Inthis paper, the authors use amask matrix to run different tasks in the same model:

The pivotal equation for this method is:

M is the mask matrix and determines whether a pair of tokens can be attended to each other .”

“Unidirectional LM is done by using a triangular matrix for the self-attention mask M (as in the above equation), where the upper triangular part of the self-attention mask is set to −∞, and the other elements to 0”

“Within one training batch, 1/3 of the time we use the bidirectional LM objective, 1/3 of the time we employ the sequence-to-sequence LM objective, and both left-to-right and right-to-left LM objectives are sampled with the rate of 1/6”

Keep a note that the training process use bidirectional/unidirectional/seq2seqobjective , notsamples )

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