Books I read in year 2018

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In the 2018 year, I continued to learn more knowledge about machine learning and deep Learning.“Deep Learning”is pretty suitable for me and“Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow”is also a wonderful supplement for programming practice. I also learned some basic knowledge about Reinforcement learning.

To teach my daughters programming, I read some books about Arduino. In the process of learning Arduino, I became more and more interested in electronics on myself! After reading more technical documents about electronics (diode, transistor, capacitor, relay, thyristor etc.), Microcontrollers (Atmega from Atmel, MSP430 from Texas Instruments, STM8 from ST and so on), I had opened my view to a new area.

History books are always my favorite type. The most astonishing history book I have read in 2018 is“The Last Panther”. This book tells us an extremely cruel but real story in WWII.

Kazuo Inamoriis a famous entrepreneur in Japan. I read some books written by him at the end of this year. Surprisingly, his books definitely inspired me and even changed some parts of my mind. I really want to thank him for his teaching.

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