Getting Eclipse’s EGit to work with my own git server

Haidong Ji 发表于 2018年07月25日 11:03 | Hits: 2203
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I’ve been thinking about setting up my own git server for a while, and finally got it up and running last week. Since I do a lot of hacking with Eclipse, I naturally want Eclipse’s EGit to work with my own git server. Here are a couple of noteworthy points:

  • As of this writing, if you want ssh authentication with EGit, ecdsa type key is NOT going to work. rsa ssh key works. I found this out the hard way, since I’m trying to transition from rsa to ecdsa. Therefore I initially didn’t generate rsa keys on my computers. I had to run “ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096” and made sure that Eclipse – Preferences – General – Network connections – SSH2 – General tab – Private keys has id_rsa entered;
  • I followedinstructions from here to get a few bare repo that I need initialized. Initially I had the misunderstanding that once I push code to the server, I should be able to see the files on the remote server’s repo directory. That turns out to be NOT the case. There is some magic going on under the objects directory that make things happen, such that although the code directories and files are not visible to the naked eye, I could push/fetch/pull to the remote server without problems. When I have time, I need to dig deeper and have a better idea how it all works. For now, I’m happy that I have it working that I can work with the same code base on different dev computers.
  • I followedexercise here for testing and found it helpful.

Happy coding y’all.

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