Announcing oh-my-emacs v0.3

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Today I'm happy to announceoh-my-emacsv0.3.

It has been three months since I first released oh-my-emacs from my homebrew messy dotemacs project to public. To my suprise, oh-my-emacs has attracted many interests from all over the world.

The v0.3 version of oh-my-emacs contains various improvements, check itsCHANGELOGfor a condensed feature list.

Several features worth mentioning (v0.1->v0.3):

  • code refactoring:
    • Oh-my-emacs splits all its modules into two levels:coreandmodules. Files incoreare required by default, while files inmodulesare optional. You can load necessary module when you really need it.
  • ome-org module:
    • Upgradeorg-modeto latest 8.x branch. This brings us a more powerful export engine.
  • ome-cc module:
    • Oh-my-emacs support auto-complete for C/C++ macros! Combined withpkg-config, oh-my-emacs cc module can be used as a perfect C/C++ working environment with perfect semantic completion for functions and macros for any installed libs recognizable bypkg-config.
  • ome-java module:
    • Oh-my-emacs provide semantic completion for Java projects via emacs-eclim. Though not perfect(and a little heavy), this is a workable solution now.
  • ome-lisp module:
    • The original ubiquitous ome-lisp module has been split to four modules:
      • ome-emacs-lisp module
      • ome-common-lisp module
      • ome-clojure module
      • ome-scheme module
  • documentation:
    • Add a table to specify the system requirments and el-get packages. Thus you can install necessary system tools to make oh-my-emacs modules work as expected.
  • compatibility:
    • Improve compatibility for Mac OS X.
  • completion:
    • Add semantic completion for scheme (viaac-geiser)
    • Add completion table to show you the currrent semantic completion support for various programming languages.
  • miscs:
    • Basic support for JavaScript, Ruby, OCaml.
    • Move some unstale packages to ome-experimental module, load as you need.

Five months of spare time work, 200 git commits, 120 github stars and 35 github issues, all of the above work forms a less than 50MB tarball, which contains 50el-getpackages, 1000 lines of emacs-lisp code, 4000 lines of documentation, hundreds of reference web links, justdownloadand extract this tarball, you'll get a tuned Emacs OS, and it works almost everywhere.

It's time for new year, and I hope you enjoy this gift. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks!


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